Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Who can participate in WOD League?

A: Everybody! Our events are not restricted to members of the Host Site. As a matter of fact, we love to see participation of as many different training facilities as possible at every event. It's always nice to the community get together!  

Q: Do I need to train at a CrossFit® Affiliate to participate in WOD League events?

A: Nope, everyone is welcome to participate. Whether you train at a CrossFit® affiliate, unaffiliated  facility, Globo Gym, Home Box, Garage Gym or local park you are welcome to participate and join the fun at WOD League. 

Q: I've never competed before. Can I participate?

A: Absolutely. In fact, WOD League is the PERFECT event to get started and pick up the competition bug. Check out our Division Standards and you will see that you can totally do it!

Q: How do I host an edition of WOD League?

A: Click here to fill-out the request form and we'll be glad to consider coming to your place. Best of all, you do not have to worry about a thing. Our Team will take care of all event details so that you can focus on promoting it among your members and even participate if you'd like! 

Q: Do I need to sign a Waiver to participate in WOD League?

A: Yes, every participant needs to sign and submit a waiver and release of liability. Click here to download the form.