Campus Edition

September 19th 2020

CrossFit Gardner-Webb University 


WOD League is thrilled to announce that it’s first ever On Campus Edition will be on September 19th 2020 at the beautiful campus of Gardner-Webb University, home of affiliate CrossFit Gardner-Webb University. 

This event is open to Students, Faculty & Staff as well as ANYONE outside the university that would like to participate. As a matter of fact, we really want to invite everyone from the community to be a part and enjoy a challenging and above all FUN competition and gathering of friends. 

There will be a total of 4 Workouts and all Teams will participate in all workouts. There are no cuts. One of the workouts will be at the Football Stadium which will be a great experience for everyone! 

Workouts are released no later than 2-weeks prior to date of the event so you will have a chance to test them out with your partner. This is a Same-Sex, 2-person Team Competition and we will have NOVICE, SCALED, TEENS and RX Divisions. 

The special TEENS Division is dedicated to participants 17 & Under. Join us for the competition and schedule a visit to Gardner-Webb University. GWU has a fully equipped CrossFit Affiliate on campus where you will be able to continue your CrossFit training should you decide to go to school there. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent, visit campus and perhaps meet with an Admissions Counselor and learn what all GWU has to offer. 

Please see below the Division Standards and recommendations. This is not an exhaustive list of exercises, just a general guideline to be used in order to decide which division you should participate.

Regardless of which division you choose to participate the goal is the same: HAVE FUN!

The beginner-level division is ideal for those with up to 1-year of experience in Functional Fitness training and that have no previous competitive experience in other sports. You can do it! 

Air Squats
Push-Ups (feet)
Box Jump/Step-Up 20"
Hanging Knee Raises
Snatch, Thruster & Shoulder to Overhead 45/65lbs
Clean 55/95lbs
Deadlift 95/135lbs

The Scaled Division is perfect for those that have 1+ years of experience in Functional Fitness training OR possess a competitive background from another sport. The intermediate-level division will challenge you but will not require the most advanced skills or super heavy weights.

Box Jump 20"/24”
Double-Under (or Single-Unders x 3)
Toes to Bar
Rope Climbs
Snatch, Thruster & Shoulder to Overhead 65/95lbs
Clean 85/115lbs
Deadlift 125/185lbs

RX (F/M)
The advanced-level division is designed for those with usually 2+ years of experience or with a strong competitive background in another sport. Some high-level skill movements might be required and you must be proficient with moving the weights listed below. 

Handstand Push-Ups
Box Jump 24"
Toes to Bar
Rope Climbs
Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Bar Muscle-Ups (Men only)
Snatch, Thruster & Shoulder to Overhead 85/115lbs
Clean 95/135lbs
Deadlift 155/255lbs



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