This is WOD League!

Our team has been in the business of Functional Fitness events since 2013 offering a SIMPLE yet FUN and effective format of competition that allows participants of ALL LEVELS to join the challenge and fun with friends! 

Our events are geared towards recreational athletes and our division standards are such that you don't have to be a freak athlete in order to compete. 

We make competing fun and our events are "short and sweet" so that you can show up for the day, break a sweat, grab a beer with your buddies at the end and go on about your life without having to dedicate an entire weekend in order to compete. The Four Rules of WOD League are:

  • 1-DAY ONLY! If you are a recreational athlete one day is plenty of time for you to showcase the skills you've been working on and finish the day with feelings of accomplishment. Regardless of your final position on the Leaderboard you will break a sweat, you will probably question at some point why you signed-up in the first place, and you will end the day feeling great about the effort you put in the workouts. Also, you probably have a life outside of competitive fitness (If you don't, we highly recommend you get one) including family, job and other things you need to get done on the weekend. Join us on Saturday, get some well deserved rest on Sunday and life goes on Monday!

  • 2-PERSON TEAMS! All you need in order to compete at WOD League is ONE partner. Forget the hassle of trying to put a team of 3-4 people together. Perhaps you don't feel ready for an Individual event (They're usually not as much fun anyways). Grab your friend, brother, parent or significant other and register today! Hey, if you don't do so well at least you won't be alone! 

  • 3-WORKOUTS: Our simple yet challenging programming will give you a run for your money! For Time, AMRAP, EMOM and Max Weight (Rx and Scaled) events can be expected at WOD League. We promise to keep the workouts simple to understand and easy to judge, in line and adequate with Division Standards but most importantly Fun & Challenging! Also, every team participates in every workout. No cuts! 

  • 4-FUN! Yes, you read it correctly. Having FUN should be your top priority while competing at WOD League and second only to your safety it should be the most important thing. Do challenge yourself, do give your best effort, but at the end of the day what is mostly important is that you are healthy and able to go on about your life and that you had a great time! 


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