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About Us

Our Story

Our founders met for the first time in 2015 while working at a Functional Fitness competition in São Paulo, Brazil. Daniel was the Event Announcer and Ana was working as a Judge. With a background in CrossFit and Personal Training, it was only natural that shortly after getting married in 2017 they decided to put their efforts into creating WOD League. A new concept at the time, the idea was to streamline the event organizing process and eliminate the headaches and time-consuming work for Gym Owners.


The very first edition of WOD League was held in May 2017 at CrossFit Panamby in São Paulo. After an initial season with 6 events in 2017, the efficient an inclusive format of WOD League quickly took off and 2 years later they were putting on more than 30 events a year.


Our inaugural U.S event was held in 2019 at CrossFit Oak Ridge in North Carolina. WOD League is still very strong in Brazil with 50+ events/year and we are now ready to take our FUN and unique event format all over the U.S.


Daniel Abrahao



Ana Abrahao


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